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Dishes in the sink [Oct. 10th, 2004|06:10 pm]
#7 Roselawn Terrace


[mood |pissed offMildly pissed off]

If you have time enough to cook, you should have time enough to clean.

Or more precisely, if you don't have time to clean, you shouldn't cook.

Please, people. I'd like to be able to make something, without having to worry if the dishes I'm going to use are clean beforehand. If you use something, clean it within a day. If you think "It's just a plate" or "It's just a cup", that's the kind of thinking that leads to the sink being full without it being anyone's fault.

That being said, whoever used the large baking pan, please clean it. I cleaned the rest of the stuff in the sink, but that's just too nasty for me to want to touch.

[User Picture]From: thebenedictine
2004-10-10 05:43 pm (UTC)
I used it to make casserole. I'll be there this evening to finish cleaning it, but I have been busy this weekend with moving. I was hoping to let it soak so that it would be easier to get the bread crumbs off.

Try not to be upset about something this simple. Save your concern for real injustice, like starving children or needless violence.
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