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house stuff [Aug. 29th, 2004|03:12 pm]
#7 Roselawn Terrace


each part has an implicit "thoughts? please comment." at the end:

last year we just had general areas of personal and public stuff. this year, we could do something like invest in a sharpie and label things...

regarding groceries, i can continue to pick up basic house items on my own trips to geagle, or we can have semi-scheduled trips with multiple people going. we'd also need to decide what everyone wants to get.

rachael made a list of things to buy:

. bath mat
. message board
. ice trays
. aluminum foil, saran wrap, plastic bags
. [kitchen mat]
. [shower curtain] (we could just cut the current one...)
. [bathroom cleaning supplies] (we already have a can of scrubbing bubbles and lysol wipes)
. [posters] (i don't know what happened to my matrix posters...)
. [fans]

the house should have a sound system, for general use and for parties. we can post to misc market, or buy a new set. if we buy new stuff, we'll end up with a so-called home theatre in a box (htib) because we don't want to spend a lot of money. among these, here are some options i've found:

panasonic sc-ht05; $213 at amazon.com, 30 watts per satellite. rated very well.
panasonic sc-ht900; $267 at refurb depot, 50 watts front/rear, 150 watt center, 5-disc changer, h0ttness
sony dav-bc150; $285 at amazon.com, 108 watts per channel, 5-disc changer
yamaha yht-150; $285 at amazon.com, 100 watts per channel.

i don't mind footing about half the cost. for comparison, my $100 set of 5.1 computer speakers, with 7 watts per satellite, was used at the party here in may. it worked fine. we could do something like this again (perhaps multiplexing) if we were feeling cheap.

in case you didn't know, we have parties here. last year we had two, each after their semester's capture the flag with stuff, and an end-of-the-year party i did personally. this may be too early to start planning, but it's worth mentioning.

we could also have some manner of meeting if people prefer, but then we should schedule it.

[User Picture]From: roseandsigil
2004-08-29 02:04 pm (UTC)
So, I'm certainly willing to pay for whatever communal groceries the house wants to get. However, for my part of deciding what it is the house wants to get, I push for very little. I'll probably end up eating on campus a lot, as I'll have CampusX. But whatever people want to do is fine with me.

For actual house supplies, that sounds good. I've a 2001 ThinkGeek Map of the Internet and an Edward Gorey poster which we could put up if we want.

Speakers are good. Cheap, good speakers are better. Thus I'm in favor of misc.market if we can do it, but again, whatever works.
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[User Picture]From: sk4p
2004-08-29 02:55 pm (UTC)
I have a several-year-old RCA stereo system which has recently stopped working. If you guys can figure out how to restore it to life, you're welcome to it. It has a dual cassette deck, five disc changer, tuner, and while the speakers are small - 15 W - they're a start, and they're cheap. The speakers alone might work even if the main system doesn't.
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